Cost and time savings
  • Fast mobilization speed of 27km/h(17mph) saves time and cost by eliminating the use of a trailer for hauls less than 20km(13miles).
  • A single operator controls the entire machine.
Efficient operation
  • Drum width of 2,050mm(81in) and maximum cutting depth of 230mm(9in).
  • Smooth milled surface results from a long wheel base design and four rear wheels mounted on a bogey suspension to a motor grader system.
High safety standard
  • Emergency brake switch is located in four different places around the machine.
Easy maintenance
  • Easy access to the cutting teeth by opening the rear cover of the drum hood.
MODEL ER552F-1 ER552F-s
Max. operating weight kg(lbs) 28,680(63,230) 28,170(62,105)
Operating weight kg(lbs) 27,380(60,365) 26,870(59,235)
Overall length mm(in) 10,560(416)
Overall width mm(in) 2,460(97)
Overall height(operate/shipping) mm(in) 3,170/2,787(125/110)
Wheelbase mm(in) 6,000(236)
Model SAA6D140E-5
Type Diesel, water cooled, 4 cycle, 6 cylinder, with turbo charger
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