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Message of Director

Ichiro Sakai

President and Representing Director

Japan has a network of roads which exceeds 1.2 million kilometers (750,000 miles), and it is the technology of SAKAI HEAVY INDUSTRIES, LTD. that has supported this construction. It will soon be 100 years since SAKAI introduced the very first road roller ever built in Japan. Over this time, we have continued to conduct technological research and develop innovative products to meet the ever increasing sophistication of highway construction, maintenance and repair as the pioneer in road construction equipment.

We believe our company mission is threefold. First, we provide reliable products and services to our clients. Second, we always try to introduce new technologies to further develop our road construction business. Third, we apply the technologies we have so acquired to other related business areas.

Today, in the field of road construction where higher technologies, greater diversification and deeper consideration to the environment is becoming increasingly necessary, we at SAKAI HEAVY INDUSTRIES, LTD. are determined to address the needs of our era and to make every effort to help countries throughout the world with their road infrastructure using our untiring exploration of innovative technology and our know-how, which has been acquired through years of experience.